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Rub crushed garlic onto your warts two to three times a day. It will take about three to four weeks for the garlic to remove your warts.4. Duct tape is another tip for removing warts. Place some duct tape on your wart and then remove it rapidly. It may hurt a little, however it does work and is effective. Your warts are contagious, so be sure not to pick at them.

The exclusive problems with this method, as asymptomatic as with the aforementioned cry therapy management, is that it can be really pricey, and most often, the warts acquisition. Console other handling, which seems to make several midsection priming between these anti ends of the spectrum, is celebrated as Twine Electrosurgical Pull Activity (LEEP).

If you experience bleeding during intercourse or after then you may be suffering from HPV. Obstruction of urination may be a sign that there are warts inside your genitals.

If you have genital warts around the vagina, you should see a qualified doctor at once because there is a high chance that you may have the warts in the ano-rectal and cervix area as well. Women are more prone to develop cervical cancer especially if the warts treat genital warts reach the cervix.

While warts can appear on just about any part of the body, planter warts are more common on the feet. Planters warts, like other types of warts are caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus can enter your skin through small cuts or opening on the surface, and result in one of these growths. Plantar warts appear on the soles and are sometimes painful. Periungal warts show up around the finger and toe nail. About 25% of genital warts clear up by themselves within three months. Unfortunately, while the warts can be removed, the human papillomavirus that caused them cannot. The virus will remain dormant but it may or may not cause another flare-up of warts. In addition, not treating genital warts can lead to other problems, including some forms of cancer.treat genital warts

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